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Saturday, March 18, 2017

#Kalafina ~ meeting Kalafina in Singapore !!!

source: Kalafina LINE blog
(I'm in there but I'm not telling you which one. :P )

This has got to be one of the most memorable moments in my life. :)  It probably rivals the first time I met them at Anime Festival Asia in Singapore when they signed the poster in front of me.  And the time I met them at AFA Malaysia twice, once when they handed me the autographed poster and once when they signed the CD.

Maybe this moment even surpasses all those moments, hahaha!!!  Having a photo taken with Kalafina, a vocal unit that I've been a HUGE fan of since 2009, is like a dream come true for any fan.  I never expected that my impulsive decision to see them live in Japan in Dec 2010 would lead me down this path.  Hahaha.... I loved the "Kagayaku Sora no Shijima niwa" live at the then Lemon CC Hall.  I loved it so much that I became a confirmed fan and have not looked back since. :P

I have never ever gone to the airport to meet any celebrity before.  But this was Kalafina.  It's a vocal unit I've been devoted to for years and have travelled to Japan numerous times and Malaysia once, just to see them live.  I HAD to go.  Resistance was futile.  This was a chance to meet Kalafina up-close and personal AND to show our support and that they have fans in Singapore too. :)

Sadly we don't have an illustrator in the group of fans that I know in SG so luckily the Taiwanese fans offered to help to draw something for our banner.  Then it was a mad scramble to finalise the printing of the banner. [edit: I forgot to add, that the mad scramble wasn't done by me but by another huge fan who put in way more effort than I did, thanks boss! :) ]

I had also asked for some time off from work to go the the airport for a few hours but it turned out in the end, my producers weren't ready by Friday morning so told me to take half a day instead and come in on Sunday to work since I also wanted time-off.  So for Kalafina's sake..... I'm working half day on Sunday. LOL :P  BUT WORTH IT!!!!

It was so nerve wrecking at the airport. Hahahaha.... we guessed when they would arrive but had no idea which flight they took because there were two different flights from Japan coming in at the same time.  Problem was, they were at two different terminals.  Lucky we guessed right. :)

Meeting them was really incredible.  I waved through the glass panels and they saw a group of us in Kalafina concert Ts and waved back.  They exited the luggage collection area and saw us with our banner.  They asked to take a photo with us and the banner... of course we said YES!!!!  Then they thanked us and exchanged a few sentences with us and had to go.

It was AWESOME!!! :)

I haven't seen them live since last Jan (2016).  I went for the both "far on the water" final lives in Tokyo and both of the 8th Anniversary lives at Tsutaya O-East... all incredible lives.  The anniversary lives made me cry with joy and till today I can remember how happy I was to sing along with Samidare. :)

Gosh.... this is such a gushy post.... but how can one not gush.... LOL

Kalafina hardly comes to Singapore.  This is only their second time.  The first time was five years ago.  And both times they came only as part of a festival.  I still hope that one day they will come and do a one-man live.  Meanwhile, I will keep saving money and leave up to see them live in Japan or some other country again. :)

Now I am just looking forward to tonight's Anisong Fantasy Live.  Ganbatte Kalafina!!!!  Thank you soooooo  much for coming back again. :)


Vyse Legendaire said...

That's priceless (∩ ͡° ヮ ͡° )⊃━☆゚.*

just me said...

Indeed!! :)