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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Kalafina ~ Arena Live 2016 BD - unboxing

It's really been a while since I last blogged.  Been very busy and there were some issues in the office that I had to deal with which were a little emotionally draining.  Office politics really suck. :( But it's cool. I stood my ground and it's mostly resolved for now.   And to make things even better, Kalafina's latest BD release arrived at my doorstep today. :)

I know there are three copies in that photo above.  I could pretend that I am a crazy rabid fan but, hahahahaha, I'm not that crazy. :P  The other copies belong to two other friends.  We shared shipping on this so it'll save us some money. :)

I'm not going to do an extensive unboxing today.  I'm really quite tired and have quite a lot of sleep debt that's really catching up on me now. *sweat  So, I really need to try and sleep before midnight... so here goes....

All the photos:


As usual, I shot photos of the BD with the shrink wrap on and off.  This time I also took the cover sheet out of the pocket to shoot the front and back because they did print an image on the back this time.  They don't always do this.  Quite often the back is just left blank.

It's a relatively simple release but they did include a small insert booklet which makes this more than a simple bare bones release.  If I counted it correctly, it should be 24 pages including the cover and the back.

It's quite a nice booklet because there are quite a lot of images.  In fact, there is a photo of them at the lives on all pages including lyric pages and credit pages.  And they included two two-page spreads where there are no lyrics.  That's quite nice, in my opinion, because often in a very basic release, the lyric pages have no photos at all.

This comes with a poster tokuten which I don't intend to take out of the tube to shoot a photo of.  I kinda want to keep it in a pristine condition in the poster tube. :P

Sadly..... I can't watch this BD in all it's glory.  The tv in my room is dying and the screen is really washed out and streaky now. :(  I also don't have a BD drive in any of my comps. :(  I'm considering if I should attempt watching it on my dying tv or try and go to a friend's house to do it.  I haven't decided yet.... but it won't be tonight.  I need to sleep soon. :P

Okay... that's it.  I am really looking forward to watching this release.  I had to miss the live in the Budokan, life got in the way. :(  But luckily, they did decide to release this BD so it really does make up some for a pretty bumpy 2016.

Finally!!! Please do support all who worked on this release by buying this release. I have included the link to the CDJapan product page.

Kalafina Arena Live 2016 At Nippon Budokan (Blu-ray)
Kalafina Arena Live 2016 At Nippon Budokan (DVD)

Many other online stores also sell this so go to whichever one you prefer. :)

That's all!! Good night... over and out! :)

Friday, November 25, 2016

#Kalafina in Singapore 2017 - Anisong Fantasy Live

#Kalafina will be back in Singapore in March 2017!!!  Well, according to one of my friends who attended the I Love Anisong lives at Anime Festival Asia tonight, they just announced the lineup for the Anisong Fantasy lives.

The AFA FB page posted a tease about it on the 18th Nov but I paid very little attention to it.  To be honest, I've been pretty bored of the I Love Anisong lives and AFA in general because my taste is generally not very mainstream and I don't like idol style music very much.  And since it seemed like there was no signs of Kalafina returning to our sunny shores, I kind of stopped caring about AFA and their related events.

SOOOOOOOOOO..... when my friend texted me and said that they announced that Kalafina will return to SG for the Anisong Fantasy live....  I was SUPER HAPPY!!!!

But at the same time, I have to admit that I'm also a little sad that it isn't a one-man.  Which means that I will have to pay for a full price ticket and sit through tons of acts I don't care about just to listen to maybe 7 songs from them.

And MORE IMPORTANTLY it's unlikely that the FBM will be there.  Most likely they'll sing to a minus-one tape.  If we get lucky maybe they'll do an acoustic song or two.  But since it's an Anisong event, I think it's likely they'll not do too many acoustics.  Once cannot get the full FEEL of what it is like to be at a Kalafina live if it's to a minus-one tape where they maybe hurried off the stage if they aren't the ones who end the live.  YEAH!!! I remember the first time in SG, they were hurried off the stage because the ILA live was running late and the last act, May'n, still needed to come on.  I was extremely sad about that.

OH my feelings are sooooo MXIED right now.  On one hand I am really overjoyed that they will be back but on the other hand.... oh the depths of my despair!!!!  I want them to come for a one-man sooooooo bad. 

I will go... I have to go.  It's Kalafina.... I have to support them!!!


Looks like the official announce is out.  :)  Confirmed for SG and Hong Kong.

Amend again:

Here's the website address with details.

VIP tix are SGD188.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kalafina ~ Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings" - unboxing / comments

#Kalafina 's Winter Acoustics "Kalafina with Strings" arrived in the mail today!!!!! :)  And it's LOVELY!!!!!  I know what I'll be looping on my player on my way to work tomorrow.

I can't even concentrate on writing this post because I keep stopping to really listen to the album as it plays.  Yup......  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

Hahahaha... this album really showcases their harmony and Kajiura Yuki's abilities at Chorus Arrangement.  A lot of it is VERY pretty and Kajiura Yuki knows just how to arrange it so that each song brings out the best of each of the vocalists in Kalafina.  In my opinion, if you love Kalafina's harmony, it's hard not to at the very least like this album.

First though, all the photos of the unboxing of this album.


Oh... btw, the first photo on top is the photo of the postcard tokuten that comes with this release.  You can tell that this isn't a major release for Kalafina because only one version of the CD and one version of the postcard for all shops.

As usual, I shot photos of the album with the shrink wrap on and off.  I wasn't expecting photos of the trio because this didn't seem like a major release but they did include photos of them individually and also as a group on stage.  Because there weren't many photos of them, I decided to shoot them all. The quality won't be as good as scans but I'm sure sooner or later someone will scan their booklet and put it online somewhere and you can go check them out then.

I only shot one photo of the lyrics page because it's really that simple.  I shot the usual FJC insert page but also shot the backside.  They Christmas acoustic tour seems to be selling well with most locations sold out.  I would love to have gone but the year has been a little tumultuous and I have had to cut back on travelling to Japan for a bit for now.  Fingers crossed, next year, maybe next year I could make it to a Kalafina and/or a Kajiura Yuki live. :)

I included more than one photo of the credits page because I think that's of interest of some of us.  It's not the clearest of shots but I think most people can probably make it out... I think. :P

Although this doesn't seem to be a major release from Kalafina... STILL.... for me, this is a really worthy release and one I think all fans of Kalafina should buy.  Seriously, I think it would be a rare Kalafina fan who doesn't at the very least like their harmony, if not love it to varying degrees and this album really showcases it.  Also, the arrangements, both my Kajiura Yuki and the other collaborators are all quite engaging.

Also, I really need to say this.  WOW!! They really worked very hard on their English pronunciation and enunciation.  It's really very impressive now especially for old time fans who know how different it was way back then.  I'm the most impress with how far Keiko has come.  Much as I love her, I cannot but admit that her English pronunciation was the least good of the three and Hikaru's was the best then.  Now, I didn't have an issue with their pronunciation then, it's just that I feel a need to mention it here because I know it must have too a lot of work for them to get to this point and I feel a need to congratulate them on doing a splendid job!

Kajiura Yuki also wrote a new song for this album.  It's called "Yasashii Uta" and it's really enchanting. I really like it.  I must say, it feels like she's treading new ground with this song because I can't really recall any song that she has written that might be similar to this song.  At least, nothing comes easily to mind.  It's a little like how some of the songs in the "far on the water" felt, e.g. Identify, really sounded so different from her usual stuff.  "Yasashii Uta" has a really nice melody and the girls sing it in a delightful and almost playful fashion. It conjures up images of girls skipping from stepping stone to stepping stone in a small stream.  Keiko opens it singing in her seldom heard "pretty" voice and she maintains this throughout most of the song.  It works very well in this song and all their voices combine and separate and overlay exquisitely.  I have already looped this song three times. :)  Yes, I like it that much and I'll probably loop it many more times in the future.  For now... I need to go to bed.  It's an early day tomorrow and I'm so glad this album arrived in time for me to enjoy my hour long ride in the bus to the office tomorrow. :)

Good night. :)

OH.... one last thing before I go.  Please do support good music and buy the album if you can afford it.

Below is the link to the album on CDJapan.  Please feel free to use this link or any other link or webshop you prefer.  cheers :)

Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings"

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 ~ Keiko produced

Much as I wanted to, I was unable to go to Kalafina's Budokan lives this year.  BUT that doesn't mean that my love for their lives and their music has diminished.  :)  Since I could not go to the lives, I decided to show support by buying their concert merchandise. =D

I asked some friends for help and they helped me pick up a bunch of stuff. :)  THANK YOU!!!  I bought more than I usually would. :P

As they often do, they had the utahime produced again.  Hikaru's was a pretty useful looking pouch and Wakana's was a very cute neck pillow which sold out really fast.  I really did want to get one of the utahime produced but I didn't really have the budget for all three so I decided to get the cheapest of the three. :) terms of the amount of yen it's the "cheapest" I guess.  But in terms of value for money.... let's just say that I am well aware that no concert merch is ever value for money. :)

Anyway... enough of that. :)  Photos first. :)

This is Keiko's candy box and it cost 900 yen.  And yes, that's certainly a little expensive for a box of candy that's only the size of a postcard. 

But that said, I'm still quite happy to have gotten it.  It's a box you can keep.  It's not the hardiest of boxes but it is made of a thick enough cardboard that you can use to put stuff in like those Kalafina & FictionJunction phone charms for example.


The above are the other photos of the exterior of the box.


And the above are photos of the interior of the box and the number and types of candy you get in the box.  I've eaten one of each already.  The marshmallows have chocolate inside.  And the soft gummy candy is actually a tad sour.  I like marshmallows and gummy candy quite a lot so those are the two I like the most. :)

The thing I like the most in the box is this little card that comes with it.


It says "Keiko's Candies!" And then states what kinds of candies come in the box.  It's chocolate marshmallow, grape flavored gummy and apple flavored hard candy.

I really have no idea if Keiko drew that cute drawing or if that's her handwriting.  I'm just going to assume it is because I like to think it is. :P

Well....I'll hopefully slowly go through the rest of the merch I picked up over the course of the next few days.   Hopefully I will have time for them. :)


The following has nothing to do with the unboxing so you can stop reading here if you like.  :)

AND.... now.... I will just say a little bit about why I was not able to go to the Budokan this year even though I had originally planned on going.  I was thinking of not writing why anymore but then I did say I would earlier... so I guess I should make good on that. :)

Actually, my company announced that it would close the Singapore branch in March this year.  Yup, right before my trip to Japan to attend the Kajiura Yuki SAO live in Osaka and to do other stuff too of course. :)  So yes, that March trip was a bit of a mixed bag for me.  I enjoyed myself a lot but at the same time, I was also worried and had decided to cut the budget for my expenditure too.  And it was at that time that I decided that it was very unlikely that I would be able to go for the Budokan lives.

It took a while for me to find another full time job.  In-between, I did some freelance work which helped to settle my nerves.  Yes.... I've never lost a job in all my working life so it was quite unnerving for me.  I really did like the work I did in my previous job too but for me to continue doing the same kind of work, I would have to leave Singapore and work in another country.  Basically, it also meant that I will have to chase the work to whichever country it goes in the future.  In the end, I chose to stay in Singapore for personal reasons which meant that I had make a career switch of sorts.

So in the last few months, I have been trying to level up as quickly as possible in my new chosen profession.  Luckily, it's not that far removed from my previous job but there is A LOT of software that I'm out of touch with and several that I've never used before.  Hence why I've had to put the blog on the back-burner.  Also, I've decided to try and pass the JLPT N2 exams this year too.  So I have A TON of studying to do. *sweat :P

So yup, I'll still blog because I enjoy it but it'll be slow and probably more sporadic than I like.  But it's cool, I really like messing around with all the software I should learn so I'm pretty happy doing that too. :)  And I quite like my new job now that I'm used to it. :)

Things have really settled down and I am very grateful that I have a new full-time job.  Although, I have a bit of survivor's guilt too because I don't know and am afraid to ask just how many of my ex-colleagues and my friends have yet to find work. :(  Our line is just too specialized and there just aren't enough of our type of work in SG. :(

Losing that job so suddenly, the downturn in the global economy and the SG economy has made me a little wary and less willing to YOLO.  So no more travelling for the rest of the year. :(  I need to beef up my savings first.  I'll still be saving up for a future trip though.  Kajiura Yuki and Kalafina lives are my drug. :)  And since they don't come to Singapore, I have to go to Japan (or maybe Hong Kong) to see them.  I don't mind travelling to see them to be honest.  I like Japan and Hong Kong anyway. :)  Of course it would be nice if they come to SG and throw us a live too and I will, of course, keep hoping that someday they will. :)

Anyway... time for bed.  I have to go to work early later today. :)

Good night. :)