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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Kalafina ~ Arena Live 2016 BD - unboxing

It's really been a while since I last blogged.  Been very busy and there were some issues in the office that I had to deal with which were a little emotionally draining.  Office politics really suck. :( But it's cool. I stood my ground and it's mostly resolved for now.   And to make things even better, Kalafina's latest BD release arrived at my doorstep today. :)

I know there are three copies in that photo above.  I could pretend that I am a crazy rabid fan but, hahahahaha, I'm not that crazy. :P  The other copies belong to two other friends.  We shared shipping on this so it'll save us some money. :)

I'm not going to do an extensive unboxing today.  I'm really quite tired and have quite a lot of sleep debt that's really catching up on me now. *sweat  So, I really need to try and sleep before midnight... so here goes....

All the photos:


As usual, I shot photos of the BD with the shrink wrap on and off.  This time I also took the cover sheet out of the pocket to shoot the front and back because they did print an image on the back this time.  They don't always do this.  Quite often the back is just left blank.

It's a relatively simple release but they did include a small insert booklet which makes this more than a simple bare bones release.  If I counted it correctly, it should be 24 pages including the cover and the back.

It's quite a nice booklet because there are quite a lot of images.  In fact, there is a photo of them at the lives on all pages including lyric pages and credit pages.  And they included two two-page spreads where there are no lyrics.  That's quite nice, in my opinion, because often in a very basic release, the lyric pages have no photos at all.

This comes with a poster tokuten which I don't intend to take out of the tube to shoot a photo of.  I kinda want to keep it in a pristine condition in the poster tube. :P

Sadly..... I can't watch this BD in all it's glory.  The tv in my room is dying and the screen is really washed out and streaky now. :(  I also don't have a BD drive in any of my comps. :(  I'm considering if I should attempt watching it on my dying tv or try and go to a friend's house to do it.  I haven't decided yet.... but it won't be tonight.  I need to sleep soon. :P

Okay... that's it.  I am really looking forward to watching this release.  I had to miss the live in the Budokan, life got in the way. :(  But luckily, they did decide to release this BD so it really does make up some for a pretty bumpy 2016.

Finally!!! Please do support all who worked on this release by buying this release. I have included the link to the CDJapan product page.

Kalafina Arena Live 2016 At Nippon Budokan (Blu-ray)
Kalafina Arena Live 2016 At Nippon Budokan (DVD)

Many other online stores also sell this so go to whichever one you prefer. :)

That's all!! Good night... over and out! :)


Kyouko Sakura said...

Good to see you are still alive. Hope things don't get too out of hand, you seemed to be having a lot of issues over the last few months.

Still waiting on my copy of the BD to arrive though, should be here Tuesday :|.

just me said...


How are you?? :) Thanks for dropping by and leaving me such a nice message. :)

Yes.... it's been a rocky, roller coaster few months. The last two were extremely frustrating and I had to put my foot down and talk to my supervisor and ask him to draw some lines. Most unpleasant. :( For now, I don't really want to, nor do I need to, be friends with some of my colleagues. I just want it to be kept as professional as possible. That by itself would be fine. But I just don't trust them not to pull another stupid stunt in the future. :(

STILL! There are things to be happy about. :) Like this new Kalafina BD, the newly announced Kalafina double A side single, "Into the World / Marchen" and a new Kajiura Yuki SAO double CD album release. :) Also a friend in Japan has kindly helped me order the new Suiyoubi no Campanella "Superman" album, the USB version, which has sold out on virtually all online shops that ship to internationals, so I am extremely grateful for good friends far and wide. :)

I've got a few concerts coming up, one of which is Kalafina's return to SG in March!!!! :) Although, not a one-man like I hoped but still something is better than nothing. :P

I've been really busy lately... been bringing work home every week for a while, so blogging has really had to take a back seat.... sadly. :( I had a lot of unboxings etc planned but in the end only managed to do the Kalafina BD release. :)

Still.... can't really complain I guess. Could always be worse. Haha!! :)

Hope you are well!! :) May you be able to buy a ton of Kalafina and Kajiura merch this Year of the Rooster and may you be able to see them live many times this year too. :)

cheers!!!! :)