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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#Kalafina ~ so I finally bought a turntable :)

The first vinyl record that I ever bought in my life was also Kalafina's first vinyl record release.  If I remember correctly, it should be ring your bell.  Since then, I have faithfully bought every vinyl release, including the far on the water album release on vinyl as well.  But I never had the means to play it.

So finally, I took the plunge and bought a turntable approximately two weeks ago.  It's an entry level player and according to the reviews, does a pretty good job for the price.  I can't afford to go into the high-end stuff. It would be pointless of me to do so as well since my amplifier is 20 years old and my speakers are also 20 year old bookshelf speakers.  The equipment is good enough of course but the contacts need cleaning and the RCA cables probably need to be replaced etc.  If I got a high-end player, I would need to buy new equipment as well.  I don't really need another expensive hobby and I really rather save the money for trips to Kalafina's and Kajiura Yuki's lives.

The player I got was the Audio Technica AT LP604d USB.  Here are some unboxing photos.


It requires a little bit of assembly but it's quite simple so shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

I haven't had time to test out the USB function yet.  As in, I haven't yet had time to record the LP's audio onto my computer.  I had originally wanted to do that, so that I could lay down the audio track to the slow-mo video shot on my OnePlus 2 phone.  But I know I would probably never get around to writing this post if I did because I think by the time I get around to doing it, it would be months later. :P

Anyway, since I did shoot a slow-mo video of it, I decided I will just use it anyway. :P
I used a snippet from Haru wo Matsu but it's from the CD.

Isn't it pretty?  I really liked how romantic a slow-mo video clip of a record spinning on the turntable looks... kind of "Wong Kar Wai"- ish. :P

Anyway, I did record the turntable playing music via my very old Pioneer amplifier and JPW bookshelf speakers.  I'm also shooting this on a mobile phone and in an uncontrolled environment so, I don't think the set-up does it justice at all so don't use the audio in the video to judge how the turntable or record sounds.  But since I shot it, I thought I would just share a bit of it.

I did find that the music sounds warmer on the turntable and I tended to prefer the slower songs to the faster rock songs.  It's a little troublesome there is no "loop" function which I am so used to on my portable music player.  Still, I'm really glad I got it.  Now I can finally play these LPs. :)

Okay, that's it for now.  I really wanted to write a simple post just to keep in touch with my blog.  I still hope to getting around to writing about the MVs from their latest release.  But that really has to wait.  Those kinds of posts are very time consuming and I'm seriously short of spare time now.... that and sleep.  I need more sleep this week. :)  Good night y'all. :)


Vyse Legendaire said...

Looks like a good investment for what its worth. Now yes,

please don't go broke on this hobby and forego more YK lives ;-P

Also stop reminding me that vinyls are so cool.

just me said...

Hahahaha... yes... cannot go broke on this hobby... Kalafina and YK lives take priority. :P

BUT BUT BUT.... vinyls are very cool!!! :P

aki said...

tbh i prefer samidare on vinyl bc it makes it feel more like an oldie. i also prefer mahiru on vinyl over cd, but i think that's bc the pitch/pace is slightly different...

just me said...

Hello aki,

Hmmmmm... you make a good point. I have been wondering myself why I liked the slower songs like Samidare quite a lot on vinyl. Maybe it's because you're right, it gives Samidare a sort of romantic oldie feel.

Definitely something to think about when I start playing the other LPs on the player.

cheers :)